The So.Queer Playwriting Festival is a competitive, biennial festival of LGBTQ+ works which will lead to the selection of one work by a playwright -- a work that RTP will develop further in close collaboration with the chosen playwright. The festival brings RTP to the forefront in the region to inspire and develop new LGBTQ+ musical and non-musical works.

The submission window for the next So.Queer Playwriting Festival has closed.
Stay tuned for more information!

About the Submission Process

Richmond Triangle Players offers entertaining, thought-provoking, and inspiring theatre that explores identity, culture, and family across sexual orientation and gender spectrums, celebrating and giving voice to the variety and complexity of LGBTQ+ experiences. We uplift hearts, open minds, and advance our community’s conversation about diversity, equity, and inclusion by telling stories with emotion, humor, and authenticity.

As RTP starts the submission process to find a playwright to develop a musical and/or non-musical full-length work, we are strictly looking for material that falls into our stated mission. For purposes of the Festival, preference will be given to southern playwrights and themes.

  • Submissions will be accepted online only at
  • Richmond Triangle Players is looking for musical and non-musical full-length works that average a runtime of 60 to 120 minutes with no more than 7 performers featured.
  • While we produce a variety of styles and genres, please keep in mind our spatial restrictions: our stage is 28’ by 20’ without wings or fly space.
  • We remain open to a large spectrum of musical and non-musical works for the submission process and appreciate everything from avant-garde to traditional approaches that a playwright might take. We are ultimately looking for a voice rather than a perfect script.
  • Submissions are limited to one work per playwright. Those that submitted to our inaugural Festival in 2020 are welcome to resubmit their work.
  • Plays/Musicals must be unpublished and unproduced at the time of submission. This does not include workshops, staged readings, or developmental productions. All entries must be withheld from production during the period of the competition, reserving the premiere production for Richmond Triangle Players at a later date.
  • All submissions must represent the Richmond Triangle Players mission as well as the So.Queer Playwriting Festival mission. This means that the work must contain themes of the LGBTQ+ experience and either be placed in a southern state of the US or contain themes of the southern experience.

A PDF submission packet must include the following items, in this order:

  • Page 1: Title page with author name and contact information
  • Page 2: One-page Cover Letter that discusses your artistic point of view, and detailing why your play fits with the mission of Richmond Triangle Players. If this work was submitted in the 2020 Festival, please explain the changes and/or updates that has occurred. 
  • Page 3: One page, including a synopsis of your play, and a character breakdown.
  • Page 4: One-page biography of the playwright
  • Page 5+: 10 to 15-page excerpt from your script
  • If submitting a musical, please include an URL link on page 3 of your PDF packet that directs us to the audio files on a separate website.

All completed submissions will be sent a receipt upon arrival. Due to the number of submissions, we will not be able to respond to all entries with feedback. However, all entries will be read by a committee and evaluated. Please do not call or email a follow up message in regard to the status of your script. RTP does not accept hard-copy script submissions. Any submissions sent via mail will not be eligible, acknowledged, or returned.

The submission window for the next So.Queer Playwriting Festival has closed.
Stay tuned for more information!